There’s *What* Living in My Mattress?

There’s *What* Living in My Mattress?

Okay! So! Uh…let’s talk dust mites.

Not a great first-date topic, to be sure. But these microscopic critters (just .2 to .4 millimeters long) are linked to a subject that concerns many of us: allergies.


The common house dust mite (Dermatophagoides farinae) is found in indoor environments around the world, making its home in carpets, furniture and bedding. A substance produced by the mites is a potent irritant and allergen, with links to conditions as varied as allergies, asthma, eczema and chronic sinus trouble.


One big issue with dust mites, according to a New York Times article: “It’s not always clear whether you have a mite allergy. And even when you know you are allergic, there’s a lot of confusion about which strategies really work.”


Chances are, these are dust mites in your bed right now. What to do? Experts recommend washing your bedding once a week in hot water and drying it in a hot dryer. The Times article also says “finely woven covers can keep [mites] out of pillows and mattresses.” A fine example: Yogabed’s luxury smooth-top mattress protector, which is not only mite-proof, it’s also waterproof. Yogabed also features a zip-n-wash cover that is removable and machine washable.


So rather than opting for expensive, invasive allergy testing, you may be better off aiming for good, clean bedding.


And with that, you may now return to thinking about something—anything—besides dust mites.

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