Snoring: Battle of the Sexes

Snoring: Battle of the Sexes

British novelist William Thackeray called it “the gentle, unromantic music of the nose.” An entire industry has sprung up to fight it. And it’s ruined more than a few otherwise happy marriages.


But when it comes to snoring, is the stereotype of a big, hulking man making a big, huge racket accurate? Or do the numbers show that women are equally capable of shattering the glass ceiling, so to speak?


We won’t keep you in suspense: Men snore more—anywhere from 10 to 50 percent more than women, depending which study you believe.


Men are also more prone to sleep apnea, a more serious condition where breathing repeatedly stops and starts during the night. In such cases, medical help is generally indicated.


But what to do about run-of- the-mill “unromantic music?” Limiting intake of alcohol or other sedatives may help, as may quitting smoking. Some find putting extra pillows under the head beneficial (we’re partial to Yogabed Instant Response Foam™). And there are any number of other remedies, both high- and low-tech.


Whatever steps you take to fight nocturnal noisiness (and whatever your gender) the odds are good you’ll sleep more soundly on a Yogabed.

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