Nightmares and Sleep

Nightmares and Sleep

Everyone loves a good night’s dream. You know, the dreams you don’t want to wake up from… the ones where you wake up and can’t wait to tell your friends? However, not all dreams are enjoyable. Sometimes dreams can be dark and gloomy and keep you from a good night’s sleep.

We’ve talked about sleep deprivation and how it isn’t good for your body or your mind. But what if we told you nightmares can cause sleep deprivation? According to, nightmares are most common among children, but approximately 50 percent of adults say they still suffer from nightmares. If you’re one of the 50 percent that still suffer from these dark and sometimes scary dreams, take a look at the five common causes of nightmares.

Eating before bed, medications, lack of sleep, sleep disorders and stress are all things that can cause nightmares. “A pre-bedtime snack can increase your metabolism, which causes the brain to become more active and can possibly lead to nightmares.” If you find your nightmares increase with heavy meals or snacking before bed, you might try limiting snacking and meals prior to bedtime. Something you may not consider is your prescription medications. Some medications have been linked to nightmares. So, if you can’t get rid of your nightmares, you might consider talking to your doctor about the advantages and disadvantages of your medications.  If food and medications aren’t the cause of your nightmares, consider sleep disorders, lack of sleep and stress, such as anxiety and PTSD.

Getting enough sleep is a huge advantage to your health and your overall well-being. Because lack of sleep has been linked to nightmares, it’s important you have a comfortable mattress and a calm sleep environment. The Yogabed original mattress includes an instant response foam that delivers incredible comfort and a ventilated design that includes a layer of cooling foam to help regulate your body temperature. With a Yogabed original mattress you’re sure to only have sweet dreams!

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