What is the return policy for Yogabed Unplug™?

Your new Yogabed Unplug™ mattress comes with our 101-night no risk trial, which lets you return the mattress and get a full refund of the purchase price if you aren’t completely satisfied. We require you give your body a minimum of 30 days to adjust to your new Yogabed Unplug™ mattress. Remember, a new bed will support you better than your old bed, so it’s normal to experience some small aches and pains as your body adjusts to getting proper support.

If you are not satisfied after the first 30 days, and up to 101-days, fill out our return request form and we’ll arrange to have the mattress picked up, at no charge to you. Manufacturing tags must remain attached. Please note that only one free trial and return is permissible, and that returns not communicated through our return request form will not be refunded.

Note: Some states (CA, RI, CT) charge a non-refundable mattress recycling fee when a mattress is purchased.