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What is the height of the mattress?

Yogabed™ is a 10” mattress made up of 4 layers. Our construction includes the following components:

Cover Layer: Our Zip-n-Wash Cover provides the cleanest sleep experience possible and keeps dust mite allergens to an absolute minimum. The Zip-n-Wash cover is only available for Yogabed™.
Layer 1: Our top comfort layer uses a fully ventilated 1” piece of 5.0 pcf Yoga Instant Response Foam™.
Layer 2: Our cooling support layer uses a ventilated 2” piece of 4.0 pcf gel infused foam (YogaGel™ Memory Foam).
Layer 3: Our mattress core is made of a 6” piece of 1.8 pcf Breathable Foam Base.
Layer 4: Our final layer is a 1” piece of 1.8 pcf/40 ILD material that insures the Yogabed™ design does not lose any of the support characteristics on the underside of the mattress and brings continuity of feel across the entire mattress.

Foam densities (pcf), thickness and ILD are all key descriptors of foam components, they are not indicative of comfort. The Yogabed™ foam designs and mechanical ventilation of the Yoga Instant Response Foam™ are proprietary characteristics of Yogabed™. These features, along with the Zip-n-Wash Cover, provide the cleanest sleep experience possible and keep dust mite allergens to an absolute minimum.


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